Between and beside the grapes we grow almonds, walnut, apples, pears, apricots, cherries, peaches, quince and plums.
In our garden we grow tomatoes, paprika, courgettes/zucchinis, cucumbers, onions,strawberry, red currant, raspberry, figs and many kinds of herbs.

The almonds and walnuts will be collected in autumn and dried in the sun. Then we remove the nutshells and dry the nuts again. Our almonds and walnuts are certified organic products and we sell them in cellophane- or paper bags. Some of the almonds we sell salted and roasted, too.
From the different fruits we manufacture finest home made marmalades, jellies and jams, containing a minimum of 50 % of fruits or even more.From apples we prepare apple-puree.
Beside that we collect elderberry flowers and prepare refreshing syrups.

We also collect different kinds of boletes (lat.:boletus edulis), which we sell fresh but also dried.

From our own vegetables we manufacture home made tomatoe sugo, ratatouille, hungarian "lecso" (tomatoe, paprika and onion) and we produce our own mixed-pickles.
All our are finest food are manufactured with special care and love after Grandmas' recipe, using only the best, natural ingredients, free from any additives, artificial or chemical ingredients.

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